Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This image is of my husband in front of one of the homes he grew up in. He though his mom and dad would really love the same photo they took of him on his 1st birthday again some 30 years later. This time the photo includes our sons. We gave the images to his mom and it took her a few minutes, however she recognized the house and it brought back a flood of memories.
Life changes. Sons become fathers. Parents become grandparents. Families grow as children become adults. Memories last as long as we keep them alive. As a little girl, my cousins would call me an old lady because I wanted to sit with my aunts and grandma. I wanted to listen to the stories that were being relived. I wanted to remember.
As I am sitting here writing this, I received a package from my Great Aunt Rita containing photos from the early 1900's of family members. I love looking at the their clothing and figuring out who and how they are related. My sister decided to go on to to start to figure out our family tree. I was surprised how little she knew. She was surprised at how much I remembered. I attribute it to my childhood "old lady days".
Photos are a great way of connecting the dots - past, present and future. Why do you take photos?