Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Finally I get to photograph my first nephew. Isn't he cute? I know I'm biased, but whatever. Although I do think he needs a hair cut...jk Cait. He is so sweet and loud. I told him, he'd fit right into my house. We had a talk and he told me I was his favorite Aunt. Seriously, although I did bribe him with candy and all the bad movies he wanted to watch. Sorry Amanda, cheating or not I still won.

Hi Cam! We missed you this trip and don't tell Amanda, but I didn't give him any candy yet. We were thinking of you with the flag. Hope you like them.

This was only the second time I was able to experiment with our new white background at the studio. It's so cool. I have another sneak peek to post and just wait because it is also knock your socks off cute! Cait and I hope to get back to the studio for a few photos with the black back drop too. We'll see if time is on our side.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Big changes

Matt and Rachel are wonderful people and good friends. They've had quite a few changes in their lives recently. They were married, had their first child maternity session and newborn, moved, Matt was appointed Judge and now are expecting their second child. WOW! I'm tiered just writing this. I'm so excited and can't wait to meet their newest addition. Congratulations! Love you -J

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A litte Drama

I haven't been updating my blog or completing my web site as promptly as I would have like. At the end of the year I was feeling awful. I was tiered, forgetful and loosing my hair, almost 1/2 of my hair to be exact. I went to the Dr. and had some tests done. I found out my iron levels were really low and should be corrected by taking vitamins a couple times a day. No big deal. It may take up to 3 months to feel completely normal, but at least there was an end in sight.

A few weeks later Anthony had a sinus infection that just wouldn't go away. I took him to the Dr and he was prescribed an antibiotic. Before his sinus infection was gone Vinny came down with the same thing. I took him to the Dr. to get medicine so he could feel better too. Before Vinny was over the sinus infection Anthony had a stomach flu. It was typical and messy. He missed school for a week and is still trying to catch up on sleep and getting his appetite up to normal. Before Anthony was feeling well, Vinny came down with the same stomach flu. I just thought here we go again. Vinny's flu was vicious. He couldn't keep anything down not even a sip of water. He was sick for more than 36 straight hours. Not to be too graphic but he must have thrown up over 30 times. He looked weak and I was worried. I took him back to the Dr. and as soon as she saw him, she said he needed to be admitted to the hospital. My heart sank. I have only been a patient at the hospital twice. Both were because I was giving birth. I was scared as I'm sure any parent would be. Anyway, Tony and I took him to St. John Hospital. The Pediatric Nurses were AWESOME. The first nurse who saw us said, I know it's scary, but you won't believe how he'll bounce back in the next few hours and you will be out of here in the morning. Well, that sounded like a perfect plan to me. Did I mention this was on Friday the 13 and my husband is superstitious? To make a long story short 4 days after our arrival we were finally released. Additional test were performed on Vinny and we still don't have all of the results. He was feeling better and that's the most important part to me. I could careless what the virus was called maybe I'm being naive. The following day after returning home, Vinny developed a rash over his entire body. I called the Dr and once again they wanted to see him. She said she couldn't be 100% sure, however she thought he was allergic to the Penicillin he was given for the sinus infection. Great! She sent us home with instructions for Benadryl for the next 24 hours. If he develops any other scary symptoms take him directly to the hospital. Um, OK, thanks!?!

So here I sit at 4 am writing this entry for a few reasons. First I can't sleep. The vitamins maybe kicking in. And I'm just waiting and watching for Vinny to develop new crazy side affects. Second because I know I have really been slacking and I didn't want you (you know who you are) to think I had forgotten about you. I know I owe sneak peeks, emails, phone calls, orders, ect to. I am sorry. I love my business and I love what I do, however my boys have to come first. Any other way and I couldn't live with myself nor should you want me as your photographer. If I can't care for my own family, how would I treat yours? I do appreciate everyone who has given well wishes and prayers. I'm not writing this to make excuses or looking for pity. I just feel the families I have photographed have become part of my family and I wanted to update you on the important events that have happened in my life. Next my new web site is coming. I promise. It's been in the works for way too long and I have been working on it. I've just had a few other things come up;) There are some really fun and exciting things happening at Jamie Fodale Photography. It's too soon to share them all, but announcements are coming. Check out the new look of Jamie Fodale Photography by clicking here and let me know what you think.
If you've made it this far, thank you and I am very sorry. This has been a tough beginning to 2009, however it can only get better. Take care and you'll be hearing from me more often!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This site has some crazy photo projects, cool sites and off the wall info. Check it out and sign up for a email subscription.


Friday, February 6, 2009

One lucky girl!

Parker arrived quite early and was sure to make a memorable entry into the world. We just had mommy's maternity session see here and the baby shower was only 3 days before this little cutie's arrival! Talk about timing, she also shares a birthday with her big sister. She might end up a tad spoiled having loving big sisters and wonderfully fun parents;)