Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Santa's Back!

Saturday, November 28

Santa was a blast last year and I am so excited he is coming back!

Your time with Santa is so personal and not rushed. You have a scheduled time. There will be no waiting in long lines like the mall. Each parent will fill out a small questioner with their child’s name, interests and what they would like for Christmas. This will make your visit with Santa the most personal experience for your child. The session will be a mini 15-minute session which will be plenty of time for you child to speak with Santa and read a story. You will select your images immediately after your session and you will have them in about 14 days. In order to schedule a session with Santa, you must purchase one of the packages below which start at $40. A la Carte items are available as well.

(1) 8x10 (2) 5x7 (8) wallets - $80
(2) 5x7 (8) wallets - $60
(1) 5x7 (8)wallets - $40

A la Carte (after the purchase of a package)
8x10 - 30
5x7 - 25
8 wallets 10
24 5x7 flat cards $32

*Images will not be on Matboard

These sessions will fill fast. Call 586-855-6549 or email jfodale@comcast.net to schedule your appointment.


Here are some of my favorites from last year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

1st birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you!

I love birthday cake sessions as much as the kids do! It's messy, but cute!

Yeah! They get it!

Sometimes I feel pressured to give a client what they are expecting. To me, these type of sessions feel forced. It's my fault. The entire session I am thinking is this what they are looking for? I'm not sure I have a "good one" (parent terms=child looking straight into the camera with a huge smile.) Some parents want this photo even if it is not how their child would normally behave or look. All I can hear in my head, which I will never say is "Say CHEESE!"

Sometimes I just photograph without any exceptions and my results are so much more complementary to the family and child. The child isn't forced, they have fun and I can breath.

This is exactly the type of session this was! I love that Mom and Dad liked my favorite images. They didn't care if both children's portrait were in black and white or color or if they were mixed. Whatever looked best is what they wanted. They loved the walking photo as much as I did. Thank you for getting me! It was a pleasure photographing you.


This beautiful family welcomed me to their perfect home. I could have walked around all day and found a new areas to photograph. I love outdoor sessions. We were very lucky the lighting is stunning. Thank you and enjoy your sneak peek!


I've known Gina and Jimmy since high school. Back then (and even now) you would have never thought of them ending up together, but they did. And boy are they good for each other! It's fun to watch people who just get each other. The people that really get us, really understand us, understand our own flaws and love us even more because of them. Because the flaws are what makes us who we are. That's the couple Gina and Jimmy are. Congratulations guys! I'm so happy you found love on a weekend camping trip among all of our friends. Who knew?


My husband reads all of my blog entries and he rarely says anything about my posts. When he read this entry he said it sounded like I was saying Jimmy and Gina have a ton of flaws and are dysfunctional, but they love each other. Sorry if anyone else read this the same way my husband did.


Gina LOVES the black and white image of Jimmy with a smirk on his face. She said, "I LOVE that one! It's totally him!" LOTS of women would have passed that image by because it's not the typical stand straight and look into the camera with a huge smile that your mom will love photo. She didn't care what anyone else thought of it. She loved it.

I just meant it's nice that 2 people love each other "Just the way they are." (A quote from Bridget Jones Diaries.) They're not trying to change each other or be someone they're not. They are just themselves. It's refreshing and fun to be around. It's not forced or unnatural. They are just good together.

Love you guys and sorry for any confusion!

Color Color Everywhere

This fall was cold and brief, however we did have super beautiful colors all around us. This little guy was on the go and I'm so glad he hung around this spot for a few minutes. I love the colors of his clothing and the trees behind him. Gorgeous! This is why we Michiganders put up with all of the other crazy weather. (At least that's why I do;)

Urban Kids

Natalie is so much fun to photograph. She is bursting with personality and definitely has her own sense of style. She loves to smile and my camera loves her. Check out our rockin' urban session! Thanks Melissa and Natalie!