Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas orders are due Dec 1

I know that December 1st may seem early for our ordering cut off and I've had quite a few people ask why so I'll explain.  I used to have my Christmas order cut off around Dec 15.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks in the non busy season.  The closer we get to Christmas the longer shipping and deliveries take to arrive.  You can imagine the last minute running around that went on in my already crazy life. 

My sons are still small and I want to enjoy the holidays with them.  As my husband constantly reminds me, "They will not always want to hang out with us."  I'm taking advantage of it while I can.  We have our Giving Jar task that we need to complete every day in the month of December, baking, shopping, cooking, parties...  I LOVE it all.  My Mom and Dad always made Christmas a big deal for my sisters and I.  I want to do the same for my boys.  I want them to remember that their Dad loves this time of year so much, he can't wait for the radio station to begin playing Christmas music ridiculously early, baking cookies, the lights, the snow, sending and receiving mail, picking out our real tree, the smell, feeling loved, loving each other, decorating Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree on their anniversary, the art of gift giving, the excitement of Christmas morning, being thankful... all of it and more!  I want them to have a dance party and bust a move when the ball drops on New Year's Eve wearing the crazy hats that they picked out just a few hours before on a spur of the moment dinner and trip to the store.  Remembering the past and looking towards the future.  Most of all I want them to realize how lucky we are to have each other, appreciate all of the advantages that we have in life that get taken for granted at times and the real spirit of the season... giving.  These lessons are important for me as a parent to teach my children. 
When I started college, I wanted to be a doctor.  I LOVE science and it's something I thought I would enjoy and could be very "successful."  The more classes I took, I didn't find it necessarily difficult, however it was so much more time consuming than I had ever imagined.  I had only ever wanted to be a mother and I kept thinking, "How much family time am I going to have?", "How long will I have to wait to start a family?" and "How involved will I be as a parent?"  I knew that if I put this much time, energy and work into my career, I would concentrate on my career and not necessarily on starting and raising a family.  Within a year or so I started to think of switching my major to education.  I thought I could have the same schedule as my children, enjoy the summers with them and these were much more important to me than having just a "career."  I never even considered becoming a photographer until after my son Anthony was born.  Becoming a photographer developed slowly and organically.  It is my perfect happy.  Believe me it's not all pretty pictures and unicorns, but there are perks.  I get to do something I love, I'm helping other people and my schedule fits my family's needs. 

In years past, my Christmas cut off was a couple of weeks later than it is this year.  I have spent too many hours on the computer editing and placing last minute orders.  I've missed watching all of the old good Christmas movies and snuggling on the sofa with my boys.  I even delivered an order on Christmas Eve at midnight (so technically Christmas Day) with icy streets after we left my parents house for our family Christmas celebration.  I will not EVER do that again!  No amount of stress or money is worth loosing my family time.  I will be happy to photograph your children and family after December 1st and I also will be accepting orders, I just will not guarantee Christmas delivery.  I appreciate you respecting my family.

I wish you a happy, loving, stress free Christmas filled with wonderful memories and lasting traditions. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Jar

We are doing the giving jar again this year.  We did it last year and really enjoyed it.  It has become a tradition in our house.  This idea came from a fellow photographer.  Instead of an advent calendar, we do something nice for someone else everyday of the month of December.  Here is the link to her super cool website.  Giving Jar  Here is the list of our good deeds. 

1. Make a donation to a can drive at the Holly Days Parade in Armada
2. Write a Christmas card to a soldier and thank them for their service and wish them a Merry Christmas
3. Random act of kindness of your choice
4. Mail box of goodies to cousins in TX
5. Donate a coat and mittens to a coat drive
6. Send a letter to a friend you haven't been able to see in awhile
7. Donate your favorite book to a book drive
8. Bring Grandma Sue and Grandpa Tony a Christmas wreath
9. Give a toy to a Toys for Tots
10. Give treats to some of the school staff and thank them for the work they do
11. Help Grandma Dale and Grandpa Jim decorate their Christmas tree
12. Write a letter to your teacher telling them what you enjoy about her class
13. Deliver baked goods to a neighbor
14. Christmas Caroling at the rehabilitation center/nursing home in town
15. Adopt a family in need
16. Donate a blanket to an animal shelter
17. Dust Great Grandma Pepie's apartment and take her to dinner
18. Drop off spare change to a Salvation Army's Red Kettle
19. Make a blanket and give it to a woman's or homeless shelter
20. Deliver treats to the firestation
21. Pay for a random persons coffee order
22. Give a box of cupcakes to the police station
23. Write a note to your brother telling him what you love most about him
24. Deliver food to someone who has to work on Christmas Eve

I will update this post with photos as soon as I get some of our jar. 

If you decide to create your own giving jar, let me know what your tasks are.  I would love to hear!


Friday, November 9, 2012

November 24 - Santa is coming to the studio!

Your time with Santa is so personal and not rushed. You have a scheduled time. There will be no waiting in long lines like the mall. This will make your visit with Santa the most personal experience for your child. The session will be a mini 15-minute session which will be plenty of time for you child to speak with Santa and read a story. You will select your images immediately after your session and you will have them in about 14 days. In order to schedule a session with Santa, you must purchase one of the packages below which start at $40. A la Carte items are available as well.

*NEW* Digital files of the largest print in your package will be a complimentary gift this year.  You will receive it in an email before your prints arrive! 

(1) 8x10 (2) 5x7 (8) wallets - $80
(2) 5x7 (8) wallets - $60
(1) 5x7 (8)wallets - $40

A la Carte (after the purchase of a package)
8x10 - 30
5x7 - 25
8 wallets 10
24 5x7 flat cards $32

*Images will not be on Matboard

These sessions will fill fast. Call 586-855-6549 or email jfodale@comcast.net to schedule your appointment.