Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Love

Sometimes all you need is one image from a session. Of course we have more than one, however this is my favorite.

Ok, I'm in love with this one too.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

field of dreams

I love this location! It's an abandon home right in the middle of thousands of passerbys each day. Lots of cool things to photograph here including this gorgeous little girl!

Op Love Re United

I am a volunteer photographer for a group called Operation Love ReUnited. The chairty is for service members who have orders to deploy or are already deployed and their families. I really enjoy these sessions as much as I wish there wasn't a need for them. Each time a child is separated from their parent or husband from his wife, I cry. I cry even harder at the reunions. I am grateful to help in this small way. (At least it makes me feel like I'm helping the families.) They are really the ones helping all of us. Here are a few images from two recent sessions. One home coming and one deployment. The man in the top few images is still deployed. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Take care,

Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm glad I made this long journey out to this senior in her neck of the woods because the locations sure were worth it. I have wanted to photograph someone in or near a covered bridge. This one is on private property and filled with old farm equipment and tools. It was super cool. (We did have permissions to be there.) Then the wheat field and the the railroad tracks. All were new experiences for me. I loved every minute of it! Thanks again for introducing me to all of your favorite spots. They are now mine too!