Thursday, August 30, 2007


This is Faith and her big brother Evan. She is 3 weeks old and oh so sweet. I'm having a tough time narrowing down my favorites. Her mom and dad are going to have two heart breakers on their hands!

PS If you yawned when you saw Faith yawning, it means you are compassionate. Really there is a scientific study that proves it!

Final Reminder

This is the final reminder, the Detroit Free Press offer of a free session and one 8x10 ends on September 1, 2007. You must call and schedule your appointment before then to receive this incredible offer! You can call 586-855-6549 to schedule your custom portrait session.
Jamie Fodale

*The email link on my website is not working, if you would like to email me, you can reach me at

Do I have competition?

I don't know? Aunt Erin is a lot nicer when it comes to cameras. My boys KNOW not to touch my camera, but Aunt Erin encourages Anthony to snap away. He's just a little younger than I was when I started to fall in love with photography so who knows? I guess I need to do what my mom did for me and buy him his own.

These are a few images from my mother in law's birthday party. Gosh I hate calling her my mother in law because that title has such negative feelings to lots of people and I LOVE my MIL. She is a wonderful person. I couldn't have been luckier to have her. Happy Birthday Sue.

Thanks for looking.

PS Don't tell her I posted a photo of her. She'll be mad at me;) She'll get over it because she loves me!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lesson 1

I love photography, always have, always will. I read tons of information, work with other photographers, try new techniques, view a variety of artists work, schedule fun/creative sessions and I just really want to create the best art I can. Life is art and I want to capture it. For me the more I read, learn, practice and have my camera in my hand, the better I'll be.

I know I can't follow you around everywhere with my camera and my knowledge, but I do want to help you take better photos of your everyday life. Here are a few simple steps in helping you do that.

1. Yes I do own a nice camera, but it doesn't take the photo by itself. It needs me!

You don't have to spend $XXX on a new camera to get a nice photo. Use what you have, follow these steps and I promise your images will start looking better. No fancy camera needed!

2. Try to clear clutter out of the frame of your image.

Take a look around my house on a regular basis and of course there will be toys laying here or the quilt my boys dragged off of their bed for the 7th time there.
If you are trying to capture the moment - it's perfect! Capture the moment!

If you are trying a more posed photo use a plain sheet, or a painted wall, a headboard or the back of your sofa. Pull your sofa away from the wall, have the child sit in front of the back of the sofa and start snapping!

3. Don't be afraid.

If you are using digital, snap away! You don't have to print every image. Try creative angles, fun poses and let your child have a little say. If they feel involved, you're more likely to get better results. If he wants you to take a photo of him making a funny face - TAKE ONE! Show him and now it's back to your turn of "picking" a pose. If your daughter wants her favorite teddy bear in the photo, let her! She will be more cooperative and one day she will not have the bear, but will look back at that photo and smile.

4. Not every picture is perfect.

It's ok if it didn't turn out just how you in visioned. You can save photos that are not perfect. Just think of the photos you have of your childhood. Don't you like seeing your favorite toy on the ground or how big your sibling was compared to you or the hair cut you had to have after you tried to do it yourself? Our children grow up way too fast. These moments are fleeting. Capture them!

5. Last, but not least... HAVE FUN!

If your child is not in the mood, don't try to force it. Give them a 20 minute break or try a compromise. Let them select a favorite accessory or even a dress up outfit. Treats work too! You just never know when you're going to get your all time favorite photo.

Well that is the end of the first lesson. I hope to post new tips and tricks like this at least once a month. Please let me know what you thought was helpful and also what wasn't so helpful. If you are interested in learning something in particular, please let me know that too.

Enjoy and Happy Snapping!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Family

I've been so busy this summer, but I had to have my family portraits done! My friend and photographer Violet Mayer took these images of my family. I wanted something completely opposite from traditional and in an urban setting. I knew there was no way my boys would sit still. (See the post below. lol) We played alot with reflections and I love my family photos! Thank you so much Violet! Now we just have to find time for our next photo date;)
Sorry for the double post today. I must have been in a family mood. Today is my mother in law's birthday. I love you Sue - Happy Birthday!

My boys

Like I've said before, it's a photographer's Murphy's Law - You shall not have a child that will cooperate in having their photo taken. It was a miracle (or bribe) that my oldest son let me take this photo of him. See that wasn't so bad Anthony! I had a total of 3 seconds. Really my camera keeps time. I was able to get 3 shots in 3 seconds. (In all fairness, my husband took the camera from me so I could have a photo with the boys and Anthony came back to sit for an additional 2 1/2 minutes. My husband is not nearly as fast as me.) LOL What are you going to do?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have photographed one homecoming of 100 Marines before I was an official oplove photographer. It was so emotional. I have to tell you I was crying along with the families being reunited and hoping I was capturing great shots. I have received the nicest calls, letters and thanks yous from these families regarding their photos. I was stunned, I thought I was the one trying to say thank you! This is a wonderful organization to be a part of and I'm glad I was accepted!

Anyone in need near Metro Detroit, please contact me.

PS I have also had a call recently from a Marine's mom saying her son did not receive his CD yet. They have been completed and delivered for sometime now. If you are still waiting, I apologize and will find out what is the delay.

You can check out some of the images by clicking on homecoming at the bottom of this post

Monday, August 20, 2007

At the Park

I swear, I have the most beautiful friends and they have gorgeous babies. This is my friend Sarah and her gorgeous family. (Sarah was featured in a previous post as a maternity session.) Now Kalia is 6 months old and this is their first family photo. We went to a park near their home. It was full of life. We saw bunches of fishermen, 2 brides and a beaver! Can't beat a fun day at the park and an ice cream cone after. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Isn't he cute?

Ok, so sorry Dave. I couldn't help it. As you know I usually photograph children. During our session I was reviewing some of the images and I kept saying how cute the they were.
This is my mom's co worker, Dave. Seriously isn't he hot? Why hasen't any of my co workers ever looked like this? (Sorry if I'm embarrassing you Dave.) I'm not comfortable "posing" anyone, but guys are especially hard so Dave was kind enough to let me practice. He played his guitar for me too and he is good. Thanks for looking

PS Girls, yes he is single;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Here are a few more images from Leonard and Aletia's wedding. They are the most romantic couple. I've been trying to find an image where you can see both of their faces clearly, but they were whispering secrets and kissing most of the time so it's been a challenge. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leonard and Aletia

Everyone who know me, knows I do not photograph weddings, but if I could get a couple like Leonard and Aletia every weekend, I would be booked until 2010! I have been a nervous wreck all week. I've been driving my family and friends crazy, I've been staying up all night checking out info on the internet about wedding photography and for what? Leonard and Aletia's wedding was perfect. I had total free creativity and they were just themselves. Their style is impeccable, their love evident and their friends and family warm and supportive. They ROCK! They are no longer clients, they are friends. Here are a few gems from this gorgeous day.

I could not have photographed this wedding without my sister Amanda. She rocks too! Amanda I love you and can not thank you enough.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak.

Leonard and Aletia have a great honeymoon and call me as soon as you get back because I have a feeling I'll be working on these images for the next two weeks.


Flare, Baby I GOT IT!

I have been trying for so long to get this technique and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. The technique is called solar flare. It it usually seen as a mistake, but when done intentionally, it is glorious! This is one of my instant favorites of Leonard and Aletia's wedding. Thanks for taking a peak.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Forgot to mention

Did I mention how sweet this family was? For his eleventh birthday, he asked his mom if he could have a photo taken with his Grandpa. What 11 year old thinks of that? I thought that was a wonderful birthday wish and I was glad to help.


Aren't they the nicest looking family? Well, they are very sweet too. We went to a local park and had a great time together. As we were walking back to our car I kept telling the boys one more photo but, I kept finding another place for them to sit. They were good sports. Their mom is going to have a tough time selecting because there are so many great images. Here are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

John and Erin

Here are some images I captured of my brother in law and his wife Erin at Sunday dinner. They were cracking up most of the time because my 4 yr old was in the back ground yelling at us to get in the house because it was raining. Even still with all of the craziness, I still managed to get a few good photos. Thanks for looking.