Friday, April 6, 2007

You may think that since I am a photographer, I must have tons of beautiful shots of my own children. You see it's like a photographer's Murphy's Law, it's nearly impossible. Here is a short session I had with my oldest son a few weeks ago. At the time I was getting frustrated with him for not doing what I asked, but now I'm so glad to have these. It completely shows off his personality and that is the ultimate goal. I want to capture a child's personality, not a pose. I thought I'd share my own "disaster" photo shoot. A little encouragement for parents trying to get a nice image of your own child, take lots of photos - they are easy to delete and if they are not in the mood, wait 20 minutes and try it again. If you force it, you'll end up with this;) Good Luck and enjoy!

PS I love the last one. It is not technically correct, but oh well, I love it anyway!

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AmandaG1014 said...

This is soo Anthony - funny, charasmatic, and gross, I mean grossly beautiful!! I love the images you have captured, I am not sure that he will like them in 15 years when you are showing them to his girlfriend!!