Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm 30!

Today is my 30th birthday. My sister will not stop giving me a hard time about it (she's 4 years younger). I really could care less. For some reason 25 was harder to get use to than 30. Maybe it's because I'm happy with my life. I'm doing what I love, I love my family and no one has better friends. It's just a number. There is nothing you can do to change it, stop it or slow it down so why worry about it.

So my 30th birthday is nothing more than an excuse for my husband and I to spend time together this weekend. We will be going to the Tiger game during the day and hanging out with friends later in the evening.

Age is just a number, your spirit is who you are and who you are is why I love you and why you love me, so why would a number matter at all? Here is my birthday wish...I see the art in life. Life is beautiful at every age. Spirit, grace, wit and passion are what I wish for today and everyday.

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Aunt Dawn said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! Wow, where has the tme gone? I remember holding you for the first time. You brought a lot of love and joy into our lives when you were born and you still do. I love you.