Monday, July 16, 2007

Senior Models

Here is the outline to our Senior Model program. If you are interested in becoming a senior model please call 586-855-6549 for more information.

Each Senior Model will receive a 3 location session or ½ off the All Around Town package and Senior Rep. Cards. These cards are like your own business cards. They will be custom designed using the photos from our session and include Jamie Fodale Photography contact information. Each time a Senior schedules a session with me and brings in your Rep. card, you will receive credit towards one referral. Each referral will lead to more opportunity for wallets, print credits and prizes.

The breakdown of the referral program works like this…
1 Referral = 12 wallets
2 Referrals = 24 wallets
3 Referrals = 24 wallets plus $50 print credit
Every referral after 3 = another $50 print credit
10 Referrals = a set of 50 custom designed graduation announcements
20 Referrals = a limo to the Prom

The Senior Model with the most referrals at the end of the school year will win an iPod.

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