Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Family

I've been so busy this summer, but I had to have my family portraits done! My friend and photographer Violet Mayer took these images of my family. I wanted something completely opposite from traditional and in an urban setting. I knew there was no way my boys would sit still. (See the post below. lol) We played alot with reflections and I love my family photos! Thank you so much Violet! Now we just have to find time for our next photo date;)
Sorry for the double post today. I must have been in a family mood. Today is my mother in law's birthday. I love you Sue - Happy Birthday!


Aunt Dawn said...

Nice!!! I do like the first photo the most, probably because it is more traditional, but all are very nice. I wish I would have had more family photos when my kids were young. Awesome memories to treasure!!!

Jf said...

Thanks Aunt Dawn. I know it sounds strange because I always have my camera, but I'm forcing myslef to have family portraits done at least once a year. I forget the same as any other parent. I'm actually thinking of having them done again before Christmas. It's not only important for Tony and I, but also for the boys. I know I love to look back at my family photos when I was a kid. I hope they appreciate it too.