Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pink SUN!

We had the most beautiful sun set today. The sky was a firey orange and pink. I had to take the boys out for a few photos. I have been trying so hard to get a nice shot of them together. I'm not talking smiles, I mean good lighting, nice outfits, both looking in the same direction - doesn't even have to be directly at my camera. Today I definitely captured some keepers! I've been trying to accomplish this all summer. I'm longing for a 30x40 or 30x60 canvas for my living room. Now you might say 30x40? Yes, 30x40 or even 30x60. My house is a tiny bungalow, but let me tell you the days of putting an 8x10 on your walls are over! An 8x10 is not a wall print. If you check out my pricing my wall prints start at 16x20. Look around your home and in stores. Can you find art work that is 8x10 or smaller? Try hanging an 8x10 over your sofa or bed and it will get lost on your wall. Your guests would have to walk up to it to see what it is on your wall. I would only recommend an 8x10 on your wall if it is in a grouping. In my small living room I have a wall grouping of nine 8x10 - 3 rows of 3, two 16x20, and I want a 30x40 and two 15x30's. You might think I'm crazy and my walls will fall in, but trust me, I love interior design as much as I love photography and it looks clean, updated and gorgeous - if I do say so myself. ;) Oh, did I mention our TV is mounted on our wall too? Just wait until I order my new canvases, I will take photos of my room and post them here for you to see and judge for yourself. Give me a few weeks! Just something for you to think about, size does matter!

PS I should mention the first photo of the house, is not mine, but one down the street from me. The second thing I should tell you is that the third photo was taken 2 months ago. Same outfit, same location, same time of day but notice the shorter hair cut.

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