Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mean Mommy!

Just look at how cold these little boys are. How could their mom let them be out side without a real jacket? I'm their mommy! Let me tell you, it was pretty cold. I wasn't wearing a jacket either. We only stayed outside for about 10 minutes before they weaseled Mc Donald's out of me. I was determined to have a beautiful Christmas card! If you have ever had a session with me, you know I take my time. It depends on the session some are 30 minutes and some are more than 2 hours. With my own kids, it was an 8 hour day! Oh my gosh! I did give them a lunch break;) and actually Anthony had to go to school, but from our start time to our finish time - 8 HOURS. I'm not going to show you my card until it gets mailed out, but here is a sneak peak.

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Dawn said...

How cute!! Are you at Sacred Heart?? They both look so thrilled to be there. I bet your cards will be awesome.