Sunday, January 6, 2008

12 Days of Christmas...

Turned into the 7 days of Christmas. OOPS! I'm showing some of my computer ignorance. I thought I had my blog set up to post the remaining 5 days and I hadn't checked in to make sure it was working properly.
To make up for the error, on Monday I will be giving 5 great offers all at once. Christmas isn't over yet. It will be a limited time offer so don't delay! Check back on Monday to discover the fantastic details!
This first year has been an amazing learning experience for me. I have met so many wonderful people and I had the chance to do what I love. Thank you for sharing this year with Jamie Fodale Photography.

Hope you have a wildly successful and healthy 2008!

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Anonymous said...

This picture is so cool! Now that I will be right down the street from you, next Christmas, your coming over my house in the morning to get some good shots like this!! j/k