Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Vinny!

My husband and I LOVE birthdays - our birthdays, our friends and family's birthdays and of course our boys birthdays. Our oldest son does not. WHAT? What kid does not love their birthday? He doesn't want a party, he doesn't want to get older and he rarely asks us for a specific toy. It just doesn't really matter to him.
So this year when our little Vinny was so excited for his party, we were too! Oh finally a kid who likes his birthday. He couldn't decide on a Blue's Clue party or a Cars party so we had both. We went to the store to buy the supplies and he was so into it, I spent more than I should have, but what the heck! He was so happy. We counted down the days on a calendar. The morning of his party came, he had his outfit picked out and he put his party hat on about 2 hours before the party. He couldn't wait for guests to arrive or the cake Grandma Dale made! You can just see the excitement on his face.
Happy Birthday Vinny! I hope you had as much fun at your party as Mommy and Daddy did!

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