Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I look forward to the time Cait is home. I hate that she lives so far away, I hate that we have to say good bye, I hate that the next time I see her will probably be Christmas, I hate that the next time I see her she will be a mommy because I wont be THERE for her, I hate that I will be sad for days and Anthony and Vinny will miss seeing her, but I am so happy she found Cameron. If she has to leave us, at least it is to be with someone who loves her as much as we do.

The last few visits have been harder and harder for me to let her go. She can not fly anymore because she's getting late in her pregnancy. I am really scared to fly, but I'm trying to make arrangements to see Jake after he is born. I am excited to meet him and hold him and of course spoil my first nephew! It still seems like a long time away.

All of this and she isn't even gone yet...
Cameron, can't we keep her? jk sorta

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