Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abandoned Blog

I have been terrible about updating my blog and I sincerely apologize. This has been by far the busiest and craziest Christmas season for Jamie Fodale Photography. I feel like I've hardly seen my friends and family. Definitely missed my boys and can't get enough sleep. It had been so long since I had gotten dolled up, I dressed in one of my favorite outfits and put heels on just to go to the fruit market! Yes, I am being dead serious. When my husband saw me dressed up to go to the fruit market, he said, "I knew you were having an affair." lol No affair, I promise, just working.

I have 4 regular sneak peaks, a walk with me session and the Story time with Santa to blog about. Oh yeah and another session tonight! I just have to say Santa was wonderful and I had as much fun as the kids. It will be an annual event! Here is an image from a session a few weeks ago. In all of this time spent on work I have to get in a little fun. You all know how much I love solar flair... Here's to my love of photography and keeping myself sane throughout the rest of the season!

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