Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foggy Memory

I have already lost all of my Grandparents.
I lost my Grandmother, my mom's mom when I was 11. That was so heartbreaking for me. She was in the hospital having major surgery and the Dr. said if she made it through surgery she had an excellent chance for a full recovery. She made it through the surgery and I remember being so relieved. I couldn't wait to talk to her, to see her, to get a hug... She was my best friend. I spent every night I could with her. My mom would call me at my Grandmother's house and ask me if I wanted to come home because she missed me;) I do remember somethings about her. She would say Son of a Pup, her car was named Betsy, she didn't like driving at night and when she saw how much sugar I put on my Cheerios, she made me switch to Sweet 'n Low. Yuck! She taught me how to play cards. She never let me win, but always let me take a second look if there was a play I missed. I loved her laugh. I hated that she smoked. I loved that she worked at Big Boy (until the jerks told her she was too old and they were looking for a younger staff.) I loved waking up at her house every Thanksgiving morning and watching the parade with her. I could tell she was worried about my uncle because he was joining the Marines. I was thankful when she helped my parents purchase a pool. Oh my gosh, the pool is still missed! I loved that she crocheted and let me stay up and watch the late night news with her. She let me sleep in her bed and told me my husband would hate sleeping in the same bed as me because I kicked her all night. I loved her perfume bottles. She bought me my first jewelry box. I loved how she told me stories. She made me feel like a person and not a child. She never told me to leave the table so the adults could talk. She took me out to lunch each week with all of the ladies. She always had pink gum. As you can see I have many memories of her and I do remember some of her personality, but I can't remember her voice or exactly how she laughed or what she smelled like. I remember I liked all of those things, but almost 20 years have passed and I can't remember. I just know I really miss her because the night of her surgery I received the single worst phone call of my life and no one needed to say anything. When the phone rang, I knew she was gone.
December 26 is/was her birthday. Every year I think of how she wished for a summer birthday until one year my mom through her a surprise party in July! Boy, was she surprised! So it is on days like today, I think of all of the things I can remember about her and I miss her. I am thankful that I do remember her, foggy and all.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that was really nice. When I walked out of your house that night, I thought you were just gonna take some cool pics of the foggy night, but that was really cool waht you said about grandma


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories Jamie. I miss her too.
Aunt Jan