Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Finally I get to photograph my first nephew. Isn't he cute? I know I'm biased, but whatever. Although I do think he needs a hair cut...jk Cait. He is so sweet and loud. I told him, he'd fit right into my house. We had a talk and he told me I was his favorite Aunt. Seriously, although I did bribe him with candy and all the bad movies he wanted to watch. Sorry Amanda, cheating or not I still won.

Hi Cam! We missed you this trip and don't tell Amanda, but I didn't give him any candy yet. We were thinking of you with the flag. Hope you like them.

This was only the second time I was able to experiment with our new white background at the studio. It's so cool. I have another sneak peek to post and just wait because it is also knock your socks off cute! Cait and I hope to get back to the studio for a few photos with the black back drop too. We'll see if time is on our side.


Julia said...

Jamie, What can one say, except Thank You for your wonderful work. I not only engulfed my eyes with the picture of Jake and Catherine, but also enjoyed the historical picutures on you sight.
Love Julia Homburg (Cams Mom)

Jf said...

Thank you so much Julia. He is so darn cute and boy does he look like his daddy. My uncle could not stop calling him Cameron. Hope you're doing well. ~J