Thursday, March 19, 2009

An addition to our family!

No. Not a human baby. Our new puppy - that I swore I would never have. After having a large dog for 10 years and having to go through putting him to sleep, I just didn't want to do it again. However, the boys were tugging at my heart strings. We set up an appointment to meet him at Luvabull Bulldogs and how could I have said no. He is so stinkin' cute!
We can't bring him home until April 1st. The boys have no idea. They will be so surprised! I can't wait to introduce them. Tony and I will set up another secret meeting to go and visit him once more before we can bring him home. We're pretty sure his name will be Artie or Vadar, but we're leaning towards Artie. We're open for suggestions.
Take care and I hope everyone is doing well.

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