Thursday, April 9, 2009

The 3 Boys

Tony and I had quite an elaborate plan to surprise Anthony and Vinny with Artie. They were so excited and almost surprised. We changed the plan at the last minute due to the weather. We walked into the house and Artie's new doggy bed is near the front door. Anthony said, "A dog bed? Oh my gosh Vinny we're getting a puppy." As Tony was bringing him up the stairs. He is too smart for his own good sometimes. He's like a little detective who forgets NOTHING!

Anthony likes and plays with him more than I was expecting and Vinny loves him just as much as I had thought he would. Artie and Vinny will be life long pals. Vin lays on the floor next to Artie's bed while he is sleeping. Vinny is secretly trying to wake him up, however that is one tough task. I swear the puppy sleeps more than I did in my first trimester of pregnancy. Artie is Vinny's only friend while Anthony is away at school all day.

Tony and I wanted to get a photo of the boys with the puppy. I want a HUGE canvas for my newly painted kitchen walls. I think Tony was a little annoyed when I asked him to come with us. I'm sure he was thinking of a few hours to himself.. She does this all of the time by herself...Why does she need me to come anyway? What he must have forgotten is, usually I have the parents of the child I am photographing at the studio as well. Now while I'm photographing my own children I am no longer a parent I'm the crazy photo lady, who lets them jump on my bed, have wild light saber battles and put mud all over their bodies. Add a puppy to the mix and watch out. After it was all said and done, Tony said to me, "There is no way you would have been able to do the session alone." Really? I thought;)



Lori said...

Jamie -- I can not believe how grown up Anthony looks in the first photo. SOOO DARN CUTE!!! The photos turned out great, i just want to squeeze Artie!!

Photog4Christ said...

I need to come see you next time I'm in Michigan! :)

Your stuff ROCKS! :)