Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catching up

Lots has happened in the past few weeks...

Jen and Greg from Croft and Campbell are moving out of the studio. I am so sad about this first bit of news. I have enjoyed working with them so much. They decided they weren't using the camera room and are making a few changes to their business. While I am happy for them, I still want to be selfish and keep them. I'm speaking with a few other photographers in hopes to be able to stay at the studio. I enjoy it there and am not quite ready to move out.

Artie, our new puppy moved in.

My little sis Cait turned 30! Happy belated Birthday old lady. And she'll be back in town for a quick weekend visit.

There are a few other exciting new things happening at Jamie Fodale Photography. You'll just have to keep posted until they are official.

One thing I can mention now is a feature article in The Bump a new local maternity magazine. It is a free publication owned by the same company as theknot.com, a helpful wedding web site for the bride to be. If you see it in stores pick one up for me. The Knot also has a web site for thebump.com and thenest.com. The article will contain images from a maternity and new born session of twins. I photographed them almost a year ago! I can't wait for their first birthday session. Two one-year olds and a cake! Messy, but fun! here is their new born session and also the maternity session.

I'm still offering this photo class. If you're interested let me know asap.
Take care

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