Monday, November 16, 2009

Yeah! They get it!

Sometimes I feel pressured to give a client what they are expecting. To me, these type of sessions feel forced. It's my fault. The entire session I am thinking is this what they are looking for? I'm not sure I have a "good one" (parent terms=child looking straight into the camera with a huge smile.) Some parents want this photo even if it is not how their child would normally behave or look. All I can hear in my head, which I will never say is "Say CHEESE!"

Sometimes I just photograph without any exceptions and my results are so much more complementary to the family and child. The child isn't forced, they have fun and I can breath.

This is exactly the type of session this was! I love that Mom and Dad liked my favorite images. They didn't care if both children's portrait were in black and white or color or if they were mixed. Whatever looked best is what they wanted. They loved the walking photo as much as I did. Thank you for getting me! It was a pleasure photographing you.

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Amy Pinney said...

I'm always very honest and very diligent in making sure that people understand my style and the images I look to capture before they schedule with me, because I totally understand that feeling, and I hate it! I want people to choose me because of the way I shoot, not what they think they can get me to do.=/