Monday, December 7, 2009


Ethan is my best friend Tricia's little boy. He is SUPER smart, very sweet and just an all-around great kid. He loves super heroes as does every 5-year-old -- he takes great care of his "guys" and I think he has inherited his mother's OCD. There is NEVER a toy out of place.
Ethan and his mommy
From Day One, he always reminded me of his daddy, Danny. The older he gets, the more the resemblance. His smile, sense of humor and a bit of his personality, too. Here's to hoping he gained his daddy cooking skills as well! Looking at these images of Ethan, all I could see was Danny. Ethan's daddy lost his battle to cancer in 2006.
I LOVE these images of Ethan. We had so much fun during our session. I rarely get to spend time with just him and Tricia. My boys are always yelling in the back ground ;) So our photo session was a treat.
When I look at these photos, I’m little sad, too. I'm not sure if it's because Ethan's getting so big -- it seems much too fast! Look at how little he was in the photos with his mommy. Maybe I was feeling the season, or missing Danny, or just amazed as how much Ethan really looks like his daddy in all these images. Maybe I’m missing seeing Danny and Ethan together. It could be a combination of all of the above, I'm not sure. I can only imagine the goofy things Danny would have Ethan say and do at this age. Maybe that, above all.

Love you E and of course Tricia too!

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aunt dawn said...

Heis so adorable! Wow-he has an awesome smile!!