Saturday, September 7, 2013

I may not be the photographer for you

If you are looking for a perfect picture, I may not be the photographer for you.  See it depends on what you think is perfect.  Do you think pressed clothes, big fake cheesy smiles and everyone wearing the same outfit is the perfect pic, than I am definitely not the photographer for you! 

If you want photos of belly laughing, missing teeth and kids just being kids... we will get along just fine.  Who cares if you can see that their pocket is sticking out?  Do you see that look on her face?  That is what it is about for me!  If your little on looses a tooth, it's part of childhood and should be documented.  No need to cancel your appointment.  Are you going to wait until it grows back to take photos?  He'll be 15 by the time he's done loosing teeth and maybe have braces by then.  Every part of being a kid should be celebrated and remembered.  Don't put it off.  Schedule your session bad hair cuts and all. 

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