Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Concern

Alright! I know who you are;) I have not received one email yet. Don't wait too long.

As I was talking to guests at the open house, I was finding a common problem...wall portraits are not hung on your walls!
Shame, shame. No, I'm just kidding, however I would like to know why. In the past, I have not sold frames. Could that be the answer? Are you finding it difficult to find frames you like or is it just finding the time to get the frames? Or are you afraid to hang the portraits yourselves? Either way please contact me directly here or privately in an email.

In the past I have offered free hanging with the purchase of a 16x20 or larger. Usually clients have not taken me up on the offer because they did not have their frames yet. Because I have heard from several people this weekend that their portraits are not hung, I will set up a weekend day and come to your homes with a professional and we will get your portraits up on the walls - any size! Contact me asap to save your space!

I will soon be offering a custom locally built frame collection. You will have plenty of time to order one of these gorgeous frames before the hanging date.

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