Monday, December 22, 2008

A real life HERO!


Yesterday Jen and Greg from Croft and Campbell Photography drove with me to a homecoming in Saginaw. Now for anyone who does not live in Michigan, the roads were bad and Saginaw is a 2 hour drive on a good day from us. On the way to the homecoming we saw so many cars slide off the road, hit the wall of the expressway, stuck in the get it. The soldier I photographed was on his fifth, yes you heard me correctly, fifth deployment! They were gone for a year. I am so thankful for people and families like them. Without them we would live in a very different America. I of course cried as I was shooting. Dad's meeting their children for the first time, moms getting hugs from their children for the first time in a year, proud fathers relieved to see their sons walking through the doors knowing their sons were safe for the first time in 12 months. I can't explain the feeling of the room. Here are just a few of my instant favorites. I'm sure I will be posting more.

To the Davis family - Thank you so very much & Merry Christmas!


Greg Croft said...

Jamie, thanks for having Jennifer and I tag along. I know we both had a great time, and were honored to help document these soldiers return to their families. :)

Anonymous said...

Jamie... what a talent you have for capturing true human emotion at it's most honest of moments. The Davis family are cousins of ours. We were able to see him before he was deployed and what a joy for us to see him as he was reunited with his beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world... you've brought the emotion we would have felt if we were able to be there through your photography. God Bless, keep up the excellent work.
The Love Family
Ft. Worth, Texas

Jf said...

Thank you so much Love Family! What kind words and compliments you've shared. It truly was an honnor to be there! I hope your hearts are at ease seeing him home with his family.