Monday, April 30, 2007

The homecoming of 100 Heros

I love to be involved in my comunity. When I was asked to photograph the homecoming of 100 Marines, how could I pass? The orginazers of the homecoming event were seeking donations from all over the Metro Detroit area. It was the perfect opportunity to get involved. I donated my time and talent and I will also give each of the service members a cd of the images I captured. I have recently applied to help the chairty They are a fantastic organization for service members being deployed. This event was along the lines of Operation Love but, on a much bigger scale; usually I would only be photographing 1 family, not 100. The day was perfect, the anticipation, the excitment and of course the reunion of families. It was such a treat. Here are only a handful of images I have completed.
I must say a big thank you to my sister Amanda, without her, I would have been lost and she captured some pretty great images herself! Thank you sis!


mary ann said...

jamie, what wonderful memories you have captured for our armed forces. it brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my face. you performed a great service to these men & women and their families. go red white and blue!!!

Mom said...

Jamie, Your photograph are beautiful! What a wonderful experience.

Aunt Dawn said...

Jamie, what an awesome way to spend a day. You have captured some fabulous and tender moments for these families. What a truly special gift you have. I'm sure that having Amanda with you was also a blessing!!!

Catherine said...

Jamie, As the spouse of a marine currently serving in Iraq I just wanted to say "Thank You". Your photos captured moments these families will always cherish and never forget! Good luck in all your future endeavors and God Bless!

Kristin said...

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. You really know how to capture the emotions of the moment.

AmandaG1014 said...


These are too good. I am so glad that people like you are out there to lend a hand and do this kind of stuff for families you have never met.